UMKC HLSC 430 Health Program Management Quiz 6

Create a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for one of the selected issues in renovation or new planning of a health care facility.
September 17, 2020
Compassionate Care: Guidelines for Communicating with Patients with Dementia, Acute Settings
September 17, 2020

UMKC HLSC 430 Health Program Management Quiz 6

• Question 1
_____ reimbursement is based on the assumption that health care is provided in a set of identifiable and individually distinct units of services.

• Question 2
To receive payment for services delivered, providers must file a ____ with third-party payers.

• Question 3
To finance Medicare Part A,

• Question 4
The phenomenon called ‘moral hazard’ results directly from

• Question 5
A set monthly fee per enrollee.

• Question 6
Medicare Part B premiums are

• Question 7
People in older age groups represent a higher risk than those in lower age groups.

• Question 8
A copayment is generally paid

• Question 9
What is the central role of health services financing in the United States?

• Question 10
What is the main advantage of group insurance?

• Question 11
The amount of reimbursement is determined before the services are delivered.

• Question 12
Preferred providers are paid

• Question 13
What was the main conclusion of the Rand Health Insurance Experiment

• Question 14
Major medical plans do not include dental coverage.

• Question 15
Under the DRG method of reimbursement, an acute care hospital is paid

• Question 16
State governments are required to partially finance the Medicaid program.

• Question 17
The majority of beneficiaries receiving health care through Medicare are

• Question 18
Under the Medicaid program, eligibility criteria and benefits are consistent throughout the US.

• Question 19
Medicare provides comprehensive health care services.

• Question 20
If national health expenditures amount to 16% of the GDP, what does this mean?

• Question 21
Under the Medicare program, eligibility criteria and benefits are consistent throughout the US.

• Question 22
The primary criterion to become eligible for Medicaid is

• Question 23
The government plays a significant role in financing health care services in the United States.

• Question 24
A health insurance plan pays for medical care only after the insured has first paid $500 out of pocket on an annual basis. The $500 annual cost is called

• Question 25
What is the primary mechanism that enables people to obtain health care services?

• Question 26
Tax policy in the U.S. provides an incentive to obtain employer-paid health insurance.

• Question 27
A DRG represents

• Question 28
CHIP is available to children without any health insurance in families whose incomes are at or below ____ of the federal poverty level.

• Question 29
Public (government) share of the total health care spending in the United States is approximately

• Question 30
What is the primary reason that a segment of the U.S. population is uninsured?

• Question 31
Health insurance increases the demand for health care services.

• Question 32
In a general sense, what is the primary purpose of insurance?


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