Public Health Perspectives

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September 12, 2020
Active shooting/bulling in hospital Academic Essay
September 12, 2020

Public Health Perspectives

Order Description
1. critically analyse principal theories, ethics and values applied to contemporary public

2. Analyse and critique public health and wellbeing interventions and perspectives (gaps

between population groups).
3. Critically analyse the use of universal versus targeted health promotion interventions (for

the different social groups, The Health Belief Model (HBM), The Trans-Theoretical Model, The

Social-Cognitive Theory, The Social-Ecological Model.)
4. Critically evaluate partnership and integrated methods of public health interventions and

key features of successful collaborations.
You have to careful about the referencing as you have to use the Harvard MASTER Degree

referencing system. I have uploaded pictures with examples of how the referencing should look.
You have to use the following Structure:
1. Introduction – say what you are going to do in the presentation.
2. You could provide some relevant definitions.
3. The determinants of health.
4. Universal and targeted health promotion interventions.
5. Theories or models of public health.
6. Key ethical issues.
7. Examples of health promotion or public health initiatives.
8. Further examples, including reference to partnership working.
9. Concluding paragraph, say what you have covered. You could add whats important and what you

want to research about more, etc.
10. References.


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