pain management in health psychology

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September 29, 2020
September 29, 2020

pain management in health psychology

pain management in health psychology

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Examine the concept of pain management as it relates to physical health. You have already learned about the impact that stress can have on physical health. This week, you will consider how various life stressors, including those associated with an individual’s cultural and ethnic background, may affect the management of pain and physical illness.

Provide an overview of the concept of pain. Be sure to explain how pain can manifest not only as the result of an illness, but also as a result of stress such as through grief, which can lead to a lowered immune system.

Describe some physical manifestations of pain such as migraines, colds, or ramifications of other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, or cancer that individuals may need to manage.

Reflect upon what you have already learned about diversity and health behaviors by describing three variables such as resilience, cultural traditions, or access to health care, among other psychosocial factors, which may affect how an individual manages pain.

Identify three approaches health psychologists might apply to assist the individual in managing pain more effectively.

Examine the medical problem you have identified as the topic for your Signature Assignment. Conclude with a brief analysis of how understanding the manifestation of pain might assist in helping an individual cope with the medical problem.

Support your paper with five scholarly sources


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