Occupational Health & Safety: Develop a Disability Management Program

disorders in geriatric patients
September 15, 2020
Briefly discuss some consequences for American society if the War on Drugs is won. Identify at least four consequences. Only use information from the text to support each prediction
September 15, 2020

Occupational Health & Safety: Develop a Disability Management Program

On October 4, 2014, Mr. Jim Thurmond was operating a palletizer machine at the Dead Head Bottling Company located at 2160 Buckingham Road in Oakville, Ontario. Mr. Thurmond noticed that cases of product were becoming stuck on the transfer plates. The palletizer machine loads beverage product cases onto pallets for shipping. Due to spillage of pop products, the transfer plates become sticky and often interfere with the movement and proper alignment of beverage product cases; workers commonly spray the plates with an aerosol silicone spray to overcome the sticking. The safety equipment on the palletizer machines includes a gate that is interlocked so the palletizer machine stops if the gate is opened.

At approximately 11:30 am, Mr. Thurmond proceeded to reach inside the opening in the gate to spray the plate with silicone without shutting off the production line. As the worker did so, a push bar cycled on and pinched Mr. Thurmond’s arm between the push bar and a metal support beam. The worker suffered a fractured left forearm arm and amputation of 4 fingers on his left hand as a result.

Complete the following items:

Put together a disability management program for the injured worker. Be sure to include all the 8 best practices for the disability management program and tie the assignment into the scenario. Should be minimum of 2 pages.

Important – Don’t forget to utilize the lesson learning criteria!


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