Nursing Roles in Pushing Upstream and Downstream

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September 8, 2020
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September 8, 2020

Nursing Roles in Pushing Upstream and Downstream

There is need for change in our own theories and believe towards health in the society. In this context nursing is to be viewed as one-to-one relationship of the theoretical perspectives that will emphasize the societal understanding about health. Individuals mainly focuses on nursing actions relating to health crisis while nurses looks for ways aimed at changing individuals perceptions of the world. Remarkably, ecocentric approach bests suits my nursing philosophical approach because it takes care of diversified factors revolving around the profession. Through the understanding of nurses in social, political and economic influences that shapes the health of the society, it is more likely to change the nursing roles and work on behalf of the population (Cody, 2011).

In upstream point of view, it is more important to look into the major causes of problems in health provision, rather than focusing on ways to solve the issues brought about by poor health administration. Therefore, with a focus of changing economic, political, and environmental factors it is more likely that preventive actions will secure individuals from many health complications affecting them. Social reforms are usually considered to be the responsibility of health providers, whereas it is the responsibility of families, other groups and individuals in ensuring that there is use and provision of preventive measures in the monitoring and control of health issues related to the society.

It is evident that we live in diseases oriented environments whereby in an event of sickness most individuals do not seek medical attention, which in turn results to an outbreak, whereas most of the diseases are preventable and curative. It is more likely that an outbreak ends up being more costly in prevention and cure than looking for preventive measures in the first place. Therefore, there is need for change in healthcare priorities from fixing the sick to finding ways of preventing the sickness.

There is much struggle in promoting nurses and public health nursing in public health workforce which I bringing a concern to the society as being underserved by lack of health providers. This has been brought about by budget cuts and in return cuts on jobs. This can only be avoided through the upstream approach where new workforces should be given new opportunities in jobs and this will promote deceases prevention and other benefits to the society.

Through their supports the will be increased ideas that will promote public health nursing. Through awareness and knowledge are vital steps in enabling changes to occur. It is evident the health professionals are not aware and sometimes lack familiarity with latest based guidance’s and how these new laws are to be implemented in the working situations. They find it undermining their autonomies and should not be inclusive in their daily duties (Cody, 2011).

Motivation is another key concept in everything we do. It is important to make ways of changing moods to providers and individuals then are able to understand and accept new laws and their ways of lives. For instance, the provision of incentives and strict laws that will give our resources is presumed as part of authorities’ responsibilities. Intention and goals determines how people want to live and their commitments and priorities may for barrier and the overall abilities to drive the changes within the health sectors. There is need to apply skills that determine how best we are able to carry out the day-to-day activities for reforms implementation. Health providers need to be given new skill in form of offering training, promotions, and scholarships to ensure that they in return deliver better health provision practices to the population. Interpersonal knowledge, abilities, and coping strategies affect how well an individual is able to acquire new skills.

Many are other forms of barriers which h are either external environments situations or that are out of control. For instance, political and financial situations can influence nursing care and abilities to bring about changes. Proves have shown that regulations and national standards brings about improvements in service deliverance. There is evident that continued professional improvements through deferent modes and actions have improved the quality of care and better patient outcomes.

Health practitioners are in exploration of environment for theories and ideas where through ecocentric approach assumes that there is interconnection in everything in the environment, animals, minerals, rocks, and plants where there is dependency in the system. Health practitioners remain to egocentric worldview as personal and regards environment as the surroundings or situations of the individual, things that they adapt to, and control. Environment in this regard is assumed in terms of its own essence and intrinsic value.


Cody, W. K. (2011). Philosophical and theoretical perspectives for advanced nursing practice. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.


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