Musculoskeletal disorder among office workers in the UK Academic Essay

A healthy lifestyle is a necessity and not a luxury
September 28, 2020
Discuss Endometriosis from diagnosis, signs and symptoms, treatment, patient education, and latest research.
September 28, 2020

Musculoskeletal disorder among office workers in the UK Academic Essay

Identify a contemporary issue related to work, health and wellbeing (nationally or internationally) and make recommendations for strategic improvement in this area, following a critical discussion of the evidence base for workplace health improvement in this area.

Learning outcomes (LOs) the assignment is assessing:

Knowledge & Understanding (LOs)

a comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues in work, health and wellbeing, nationally and internationally
a critical awareness of the drivers and challenges, including the building case, of workplace health promotion

Why do we need to reduce the Muscoluskeletal disorder among office workers in workplace – or carry out workplace health promotion to reduce it (cost, psychological impact, organizational impact, levels of sickness absence) – drivers…

Challenges – what are the difficulties in doing this?

the ability to critically evaluate the world of work and the impact of leadership and management on workplace health
a critical evaluation of the evidence base in workplace health improvement
a critical understanding of how to make strategic health improvements in a workplace context

Transferable skills:

Identify and gather literature and other data related to work, health and wellbeing
Analyze and critically evaluate the evidence available in respect of work, health and wellbeing,
Demonstrate written and oralcommunication skills
Identify and define the information required on a given topic and use research skills to identify relevant information resources, using IT and literacy skills
Manage and critically evaluate the information found and reference appropriately

References may help: ( This resources recommended from the tutor. Use the resource that match my topic)

Also include Evaluating Workplace health promotion interventions:

Workplace Health Promotion (WHP) is defined as ‘the combined efforts of employers, employees and society to improve the health and wellbeing of people at work. This is achieved through a combination of: improving the work organisation and working environment: promoting the participation of workers in the whole process of WHP; enabling health choices, and encouraging personal development’ (European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2005).
There are number of workplace health models including the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention Model (CDC, 2013), which has 4 steps:

Assessment – to define employee health risks and concerns and describe current health promotion activities, capacity and needs
Planning – to develop the components of a workplace health programme including determining goals, prioritising interventions and building the organisational infrastructure
Implementation – putting strategies and interventions in place and making them available to employees
Evaluation – investigating the worth and quality of the programme
The World Health Organisation (2010) healthy workplace model breaks these steps into eight processes, which include: mobilize; assemble; assess; prioritise; plan; do; evaluate; and improve. WHO (2010) highlight core principles of: ethics and values; leadership engagement, and worker involvement, with areas for action identified as:
The physical work environment
Personal health resources
Enterprise community involvement

Psychosocial work environment

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