Multimedia Health Communications

Technology and Health Care
September 29, 2020
Patient malnutrition is a very real and serious matter; it can lead to a worsening of the patient’s condition, a longer hospital stay, or even be as serious as to contribute to patient death.
September 29, 2020

Multimedia Health Communications

Order Description
1. Evaluate the role and use of mass media in dissemination of health Information.

2. Identify the strengths and weakness of different media technologies in the promotion of health messages.

3. Review the evidence supporting effective media efforts in raising public awareness.

4. Demonstrate the use of a variety of communication tools, used in
Disseminating health information.
Part One

select a topic of relevance to you,( a health issue).You will then devise a table of possible mass media resources ( at least 5) and identify in your table a critique of the strengths and limitations of the mass media approaches.
1000 word equivalent

Part Two:

Produce a plan for one communication resource. Identify the aims and objectives for a specified audience for the health issue identified in part one , and describe the process by which this would be implemented and evaluated .Offer reasoned discussion for rationale that informed your project.

You will need to do the following;

1. Identify clearly the focus of the resource and rationale for the media health promotion activity.
2. Give a brief description of what is meant by multi media and the method you have chosen to use to plan your activity.
3. Your objectives for the intervention (what you plan to achieve) and the planned activity to achieve your goals. You may want to consider why the chosen intervention/activity is appropriate for the individuals you are communicating to.
4. Consideration as to how you may evaluate whether the activity is successful or not.
2000 word


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