Journal entry regarding clinic rotation (psychiatry)

September 12, 2020
Draft a policy that outlines how Centurion Healthcare will aIDress this problem.
September 12, 2020

Journal entry regarding clinic rotation (psychiatry)

The format should include the students learning goals and objectives that focus on the clinical experience and the topic of the unit. Include participation at the student level in collaborative teams to improve care outcomes and support policy changes through knowledge generation, knowledge dissemination, and planning and evaluating knowledge implementation. A patient and/or family teaching moment should also be included. Reflect back on strengths and weakness and efforts to improve weakness along with insights gained. Specific patient experiences are to be used to describe the learning process. Each journal should be focused on your clinical experience as it will be part of a professional portfolio.This assignment is to be 1 page minimum and two pages maximum.The journal should aIDress the following questions:1. What was your specific learning objective for this units clinical experience?
2. How did you meet this objective?
3. What parts of the objective (if any) are still not met?
4. What was the most rewarding experience in your clinical this unit?
5. What was the most difficult experience in your clinical this unit?
6. What would have done differently (from your preceptor or the way you handled the situation) for either of these experiences?


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