health/nursing psychology

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September 13, 2020
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September 13, 2020

health/nursing psychology

health/nursing psychology

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Respond to the following scenarios, discuss issues and interventions. Plan and execute a database search using academic research complete, CINAHL, PsycA RTICLES, PsycINFO, PUBMED or MEDLINE, Cochrane Library and other databases.

scenario 1.
Six months ago Noel was admitted for the first time to the acute psychiatric unit. Noel was treated with antipsychotic drugs for an acute psychotic episode and discharged home after 3 weeks. He is now attending day hospital. His prescribed medication includes an antipsychotic drug and a sleeping tablet. He tells the nurse that he has decided to stop his medication as they are interfering with his relationship with his partner. When the nurse tells him that he has a choice ? take the medication and remain well or stop and relapse, he responds that he has no intention of taking any more of that ?poison?. He says that he is sick and tired of being treated like a child. It is my life, I am responsible. I am aware I need help, but is medication all you could offer? Are there no other approaches?

Scenario 2.
Grainne (46) is admitted involuntarily under the Mental Act. She has difficulty accepting that her freedom is limited. Recently it was discovered that she was making a hostile phone calls with her mobile phone that upset her children. They have complained about it and Grainne agreed to give the phone to one of the nurses who put the phone in the office for safe keeping. A few days later she is very upset and says she needs to call her daughter. The nurse on duty is reluctant to give it back to her. Grainne shouts that she needs to have her phone back. She is now ready to break into the office and get it herself and shouts, ?Don?t try to stop me!?

Using the above scenario 1 and 2 answer the above questions in the following way each.
a).Summary of the key issues

b).Keywords and search methods used.

c).Address the issues and suggest interventions making use of relevant theories and research evidence. Discuss the advantage and disadvantages of the suggested interventions make sure you include the psychological aspects. 4-5 refereences.
each scenario should be 550 words excluding 4 references.


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