Health care technology articles

Drugs in Mexico and Colombia Research has shown that Mexico is actually the biggest point of entry for drug shipment and mostly the cocaine being trafficked into the United States analysis shows that sixty five percent of the cocaine is actually trafficked through the southern west border. On the other hand Colombia is actually the major supply and source of cocaine and do control the amounts. These misconduct groups in Colombia move the drugs through many forms of shipments into the US. These misconduct groups in Colombia move the drugs through all different types of transportation into the United States. Lately, the Colombian groups permit Mexico drug linked groups to show a growing role in the United States cocaine trade. Custom Essay
September 11, 2020
After reading the research article œUnderstanding competitive advantage in the general hospital industry: evaluating strategic competencies. What is the association between Strategic competencies and hospital financial performance? from your point of view, does the association revealed in the study seems logic?
September 12, 2020

Health care technology articles

Research Health care technology articles and choose one that is of interest to you or applicable to the area you would like to work in.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word article review in which you address the following:

• What do you already know about technology in health care?
• Why did you choose this article?
• Summarize the article
• How do you think this technology will change health care?

List and define three to five terms from the article you were unfamiliar with.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines




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