Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary

Prepare an outline describing the interview of the health decision maker identified in Module 2. Refer to order code 70877603
September 27, 2020
What is a good patient, and a bad patient?
September 27, 2020

Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary

Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary

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Resource: Health Care Careers Diagram and Summary Grading Criteria

Research visual diagrams in the University of Phoenix Library or on the Internet.

Select a health care career from the following organizations: pharmaceutical company, research organization, college, information technology company, the health care continuum (hospital, ambulatory, long-term care), the mental health continuum (diagnostics, outpatient, inpatient), and so forth.

Create a diagram in which you do the following:
•Describe the selected career.
•Identify two to three services and products within the selected career.
•Identify the workforce roles within the services and products.
•Discuss the impact of the roles on the health care organizations.


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