Explain why some children may face barriers to health care because of where they live, their ethnicity, or other factors.

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September 29, 2020
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September 29, 2020

Explain why some children may face barriers to health care because of where they live, their ethnicity, or other factors.

Children’s Health

Case Assignment

For the third Case Assignment, your task is to write a paper on health care disparities in children. Specifically, (1) explain why some children may face barriers to health care because of where they live, their ethnicity, or other factors; and (2) describe a current policy that aims to eliminate barriers for children to obtain health care in the U.S. Make sure that you critically analyze the policy and provide scholarly support for your justification.

Assignment Expectations

You will be expected to provide a scholarly basis for your response. Your opinions should be justified with evidence from the literature. References should be cited properly in the text of your essay, as well as at the end. Several scholarly references should be cited for this assignment. Please limit your response to 2 – 3 pages.


Children’s Health

The following articles/readings will provide great insight into children’s health issues from a policy standpoint. You should have a comfortable understanding of the material before your proceed to further research and the case assignment.


Required Readings

Acevedo-Garcia, D., Ody pk, T., Yardley, N., ET AL. (2008, Mar./Apr.). Toward a policy-relevant analysis of geographic and racial/ethnic disparities in child health. Health Affairs, 27(2), 321-333.

Raphael, J. & Bela, A. (2010). A review of the evidence for disparities in child vs adult health care: A disparity in disparities. Journal of the National Medical Association, 102(8), 684-91. Retrieved from ProQuest

Moistness, J., & Sc hone, B. (2008). Pathways to coverage: the changing roles of public and private sources. Health Affairs, 27(1), 44-56.


AIDitional Readings (Optional)

Feng, V.D. (2006 Nov/Dec). How Slashing Medicaid Hurts Children – and Children’s Hospitals. Pediatric Nursing, 31(6), 444-445.

Perri, J., & Homer, C. (2007). The quality of children’s health care matters — time to pay attention. The New England Journal of Medicine. 357(15), 1549.

Havana, R., Aaron, G., Roe sch, S., & Leslie, L. (2008). Longitudinal patterns of health insurance coverage among a national sample of children in the child welfare system. American Journal of Public Health, 98(3), 478-484.

Chosen, C., Davis, K., & Collins, S. (2008, May/Jun.). Building blocks for reform: Achieving universal coverage with private and public group health insurance. Health Affairs. 27(3), 646-657. *Please note that the authors argue for SKIP expansion.

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (2008). Child and Adolescent Healthcare (Fact Sheet). Retrieved from http://www.ahrq.gov/research/findings/nhqrdr/nhqrdr10/children.html#.

Gaston, W. (2007). Prospect of Child Healthcare Program in Limbo. Retrieved from http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=12167198

Maternal & Child Health Policy Research Center (2008). Retrieved from


The Commonwealth Fund (2008). Child Health/Development. Retrieved from http://www.commonwealthfund.org/topics/.

The Heritage Foundation. (2008). The State Children’s Health Insurance Program. Retrieved from



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