Evluation of a Clinical Guideline: Perioperative antibacterial prophylaxis in urology. In: Guidelines on urological infectio

Grading Rubric for Evaluation of a Clinical Guideline

1. Content: The paper includes the requested content regarding clinical guidelines and follows the AGREE II Tool. Use the headings of the AGREE to help separate your paper. Use the criteria from the instrument as an organizational outline to evaluate your approved clinical guideline. Must use APA style manual (6th edition) to write the paper. Employ citations from other sources as appropriate. Your paper should not exceed ten pages of narrative text.
2. Writing style: The paper should be written in clear, concise form, and reflect scholary work. The paper should contain an introduction, body and a conclusion The headings of the AGREE II may be used to organize the paper.
3. References: References should be accurate and in the correct format. Citations and reference lists are expected to follow the current (6th Edition) APA guidelines.


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