Epidemiology and global health Academic Essay

Summary of Susan Sontag’s Illness as Metaphor
September 17, 2020
explain (specifically) how a person, with or without the support of their friends, may overcomea particular health situation
September 17, 2020

Epidemiology and global health Academic Essay

Public Health Timeline

Summarize the significance of both historical and current factors that influence health and disease in developed international countries and/or developing third world countries by creating a timeline that identifies the critical economic, socio-political, and cultural events that have shaped that country’s current health and disease status. Select one developed and one developing country of your choice and plan to go back 100 years to the present.

You may select the format of your timeline (ppt, pdf, doc, etc), however, it must be a graphical representation that displays each critical event, provides a short description of the event, and is presented in chronological order.

The purpose of this assignment is to comprehend the significance of the historical and current factors in proving how economic, sociopolitical, and cultural factors enhance or interfere with maintaining health of the global communities; you will also learn to differentiate how these factors are different among developed and underdeveloped global countries.

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