environmental health problem

the Australian Healthcare system
September 14, 2020
The treatment and conditions industry farm animals are forced to live with cause a wide range of illness that affect the public health
September 14, 2020

environmental health problem


environmental health problem


This assignment consists of creating a professional poster presentation or a professional pamphlet of an environmental health problem. Your poster or pamphlet must include and address the following:

•             Explain the environmental health problem.

•             How does this problem affect the health of individuals and community?

•             Who is most affected and how? Who is the Target population?

•             What is being done to safeguard the health of individuals and communities?

•             What is being done regarding educating the public on this health concern?

•             Identify primary prevention measures for the environmental health issue that affect population health. Give examples of related public health nursing interventions.

•             Identify secondary and tertiary prevention measures for individuals and populations affected by the environmental health problem. Identify nursing interventions related to each.

Besides researching this topic, you must interview a key informant on this issue to gather information. You may do this by setting up an interview or going on a tour. Examples:  waste treatment plant, water treatment plant, power plant, Minnesota Polution Control Agency (MPCA). You may interview key informants at the county health department who work in the environmental health area.  If time, you will be taking your pamphlet or poster back to the key informant for their education and use with communities of interest.

Total Points (includes poster and presentation):  60

•             Use a trifold poster that can stand up on its own.

•             Include all the information required. See above bullet points.

•             Your poster or pamphlet must be accurate, informative, creative and interesting to view. It would be helpful to include pictures, photos, etc.

•             Your references must be included in APA format.





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