Compare current professional nursing practice roles with historical roles of the nurse

PURPOSE To apply lessons in nursing history to living nurses contributing to nursing history through interview and recording of historical information. COURSE OUTCOMES The Course Project enables the student to meet the following course outcomes: CO 1. Incorporate appropriate historical perspectives into current professional nursing practice. (PO #2) CO 4. Compare current professional nursing practice roles with historical roles of the nurse. (PO #7) POINTS The entire project is worth 600 points. Milestone 2 is worth 175 points of this total. DUE DATE Submit your completed NR390 Milestone 2 to its Dropbox by Sunday, 11:59 p.m. MT, at the end of Week 3. REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES 1. Carefully review this Milestone 2 Guidelines document and the Milestone 2 Template. 2. Download the Milestone 2 Template. Save it to your computer in Microsoft Word 2010 (or later) as a .docx file with the file name: Your Last Name Milestone 2.docx. 3. Carefully review the criteria for Milestone 2 and type directly on your saved Milestone 2 Template. Note that some of the primary questions have been provided for you on the Template. 4. Submit the Milestone 2 Template to the Dropbox as instructed by Sunday of Week 3. 5. After return of the graded Milestone 2, use faculty feedback to revise areas and questions to plan for a superior interview. Revisions do not need to be submitted to faculty. NOTE: Do NOT schedule the interview until after Friday of Week 4 to allow your instructor time to grade your Milestone 2 Assignment unless you have received prior permission from your instructor. If the interviewee’s schedule requires that you do the interview before that date, consult your instructor regarding early submission of Milestone 2 to ensure that you receive comments in time to incorporate revisions before the interview. Thank you. IMPORTANT: Remember that the interview must be a face-to-face interview or a phone interview where you can ask questions of the nurse, the nurse responds, and you provide your response. It is not acceptable to do use email or any other written method to have the nurse write or type the answers. Contact your instructor if you have questions. Thank you. ƒ


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