Clinical Incident Academic Essay

Describe three of the several ways drugs can be administered into the body.
September 17, 2020
Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations of Advanced Practice Nursing
September 17, 2020

Clinical Incident Academic Essay

Select an incident/episode from any of your clinical practicum experiences where you felt unprepared for or challenged by a clinical situation related to or impacting on patient care. For example, you might have observed a practice that you believed compromised safety, you might have been involved in a clinical procedure for which you felt under prepared or unsure of your role; or you might have helped care for a patient with a condition that you found particularly confronting. NOTE: The incident/episode that you review does not need to be a critical incident/emergency situation.
[Part A]
Briefly describe the incident/episode and the context in which it occurred. Write synopses of two legal, ethical or professional issues highlighted by the situation (e.g. refer to Codes of Ethics and Professional Conduct). Provide a short précis discussing the issues in relation to your future professional responsibilities as a Registered Nurse i.e. explain how you would manage the issues if a similar situation arose in the future when you are a RN.
[Part B]
Identify the emotions you experienced, and observed in others, during the incident/episode. Explain how you managed your emotions and attended to the emotions of others (if relevant) at the time of the incident. In your own words, concisely explain two strategies you could use to support effective management of your emotions with regard to interpersonal communication in the clinical context.

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