Clinical examples stereotyping the older patient

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September 10, 2020
How does adherence to regulatory and quality standards impact patient and staff satisfaction?
September 10, 2020

Clinical examples stereotyping the older patient

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1- What do you think this opinion is based on
2-Discuss how stereotyping could effect the patient. Include both short term effects during the acute admission & the longer term effects on discharge.
3-Two nurses are receiving handover of an 87 year old gentleman from theatre RN after major surgery. The senior nurse says to the other nurse “I don’t know why surgeons keep insisting on doing these big surgeries on such old people.” What are the ramifications of the senior nurse expressing this opinion?
4- How would you respond to this statement?
There is a need for 6 quality peer reviewed references. All references must be dated between 2010-2017, ABS must be 1 reference. There must be a reference to the developmental stages of ageing according to the Australian standards (young-old 65-74, middle-old 75-84, old old 85+) also refer to the difference between the silent (builder) generation 1926-1945 (Complient generation) & the baby boomers 1946-1964


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