Cedars Hospital_Break-even and other CVP relationships

Explain the potential negative outcomes of unhealthy agreements and how you can avoid unhealthy agreements.
September 29, 2020
nurses role in helping patients on haemodialysis
September 29, 2020

Cedars Hospital_Break-even and other CVP relationships

4. Break-even and other CVP relationships

Cedars Hospital has average revenue of $180 per patient day. Variable costs are $45 per patient day; fixed costs total $4,320,000 per year.
a. How many patient days does the hospital need to break even?
b. What level of revenue is needed to earn a target income of $540,000?
c. If variable costs drop to $36 per patient day, what increase in fixed costs can be tolerated without changing the break-even point as determined in part (a)?


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