Data Mining Age

We are living in the data mining age. Provide an example on how data mining can turn a large collection of data into knowledge that can help meet a current global challenge in order to improve healthcare outcomes.

APA style. 150 words minimum. One reference minimum within a 5 year span.


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Does knowledge about the effects of excess body weight on the health of individuals improve their diet and level of physical activity?

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Conceptual Model

The health believe model conceptual framework focuses on patient compliance and their preventive health care practices. According to the model, a person’s perception of threat posed by a health problem and the value associated with actions aiming to reduce the threat affect their health seeking behaviour (Polit & Beck, 2017). Perceived susceptibility to a health problem, perceived severity of the disease, perceived benefits of the actions that reduce the problem including costs, enabling and modifying factors affect health modification. This model will be used in studying healthy behaviour for weight management and weight reduction among people with overweight and obesity.

Excess weight is related to several health challenges including COVID-19 in the most recent past. According to Mosca et al. (2017), overweight and obesity are related with type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, breathing problems, and hypertension.

However, despite the presence of indications towards the negative health effects of excess weight there has been reluctance in adopting measures aimed at reducing overweight and obesity including physical exercise and proper nutrition with low intake of fat and carbohydrates (Farnesi et al., 2019). In this research, we investigate whether increasing the knowledge about the negative health effects of overweight and obesity will lead to an increase in physical exercise and proper diet.

Research Question

Does knowledge about the effects of excess body weight on the health of individuals improve their diet and level of physical activity?


Hypothesis: Teaching people the effects of excess body weight on their health will lead to improved diet and increased level of physical activities

Hypothesis 2: An increase in knowledge about the negative consequences of excess body weight will increase measures to maintain a healthy BMI.


Farnesi, B. C., Perez, A., Holt, N. L., Morrison, K. M., Gokiert, R., Legault, L., … & Ball, G. D. (2019). Continued attendance for paediatric weight management: A multicentre, qualitative study of parents’ reasons and facilitators. Clinical obesity, 9(3), e12304.

Mosca, L. N., Goldberg, T. B. L., da Silva, V. N., Kurokawa, C. S., Rizzo, A. C. B., da Silva, C. C., … & Corrente, J. E. (2017). The impact of excess body fat on bone remodelling in adolescents. Osteoporosis International, 28(3), 1053-1062.

Polit, D. & Beck, C. (2017). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health. ISBN-13: 978-1496300232


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Re-implementation of bedside shift report.  

Proposal Change Topic: Reimplementation of bedside shift report


Make an outline of Section V (Evaluation Plan) of your Change Proposal.

In your evaluation plan post, be sure to cover the following:

  • Propose steps for evaluating your suggested changes based on your change theory and evidence on existing best practices. Include the indicators that you will use to measure success, both in implementing the change itself and in ensuring quality outcomes for diverse patients.
  • Identify appropriate benchmarks from which to measure the effectiveness of the change.
  • Discuss the processes you will use for gathering feedback from relevant stakeholders—including nurses, patients, and their families—on what is and is not working in order to support continuous improvement.

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Advanced Level Evidence-Based Practice Paper

Evidence-Based Practice Paper

Paper Description

1. Select a complementary therapy and a health-related issue.

2. Research the current body of evidence of complementary therapies related to the health issue chosen.

3. Include a description of the health issue chosen.

4. Include a description of the complementary therapy chosen.

5. Provide synthesized evidence on how this complementary therapy can be used for the health issue.

6. Provide synthesized evidence on why this complementary therapy is the best choice for the health issue chosen.

7. Application into practice

8. Provide cultural considerations with the complementary therapy chosen.

9. Include a summary.

Your paper should consist of the following sections (unless otherwise instructed by the journal’s requirements) and be a maximum of 12 pages in length:

1. Introduction: See APA.

2. Description of the health topic: Present a description and any data of concern with this health topic.

3. Description of the complementary therapy: Provide a description of the complementary therapy chosen.

4. Review of Evidence: Provide a synthesis of evidence for the health issue and complementary therapy. You should include why this is the best complementary therapy to use for the given health issue.

5. Application to Nursing Practice: This section should be connected to advance practice. Be sure to integrate the scope and standards of advanced practice to include relevance to holistic nursing, as well as patient education to include anticipated outcomes.

6. Cultural considerations: Include any cultural considerations for this chosen complementary therapy.

7. Summary

8. References: Six to ten references of a variety: interdisciplinary (nursing, medical, naturopathic, occupational health, natural health); evidence-based guidelines; practice guidelines. If you are in doubt regarding the quality of evidence, please contact the librarian.

This paper counts as 40% of your grade so adhere to the grade rubric


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